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Friday 26 November 2010

Convoy's Wharf Planning Permission

It appears that there will be no further public consultation on the permission currently being sought for the Convoy's Wharf site. Anyone preparing a response should be aware of the December 30th deadline and consult the following helpful documents for policy and guidelines on planning and the historic environment. Happy reading!


Thursday 4 November 2010

Sweet Fanny Adams

There is an interesting connection between 
canning and the phrase 'Sweet Fanny Adams'. 
In 1867 a sailor from Portsmouth murdered his 
girlfriend (Fanny Adams) in Alton in Hamp- 
shire and tried to get rid of her body by hacking 
it into small pieces. The murderer, Frederick 
Baker, was hanged in Winchester jail on Christmas 
Eve 1867. The morbid humour of his fellow sailors 
at Portsmouth soon suggested a connection 
between this murder and canned meat being turned 
out by a newly established canning factory at the 
Naval Victualling Yard in Deptford. It is one of the 
few cases where the victim rather than the murderer 
has achieved immortality!