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Monday 29 August 2011

heritage/social exclusion/participation



  1. I can't read all this (it's a bit late at night). I want to send you a paragraph of Smiley Faces.

    I've just been to Swindon. The town boasts the first big railway and there is an exciting museum (STEAM, if you like that sort of thing), yet it is Nationwide who everyone looks to as the main employer (there are few others) and no one looking for a job gives a toss about the railway.

    My niece (a bit of an A'level history nut) has volunteered with the local history society or something, and is attempting to help a nutty professor get across the fact that there was life in Swindon (Swine Downs) before Isambard bloody Kingdom Brunel, and the heritage of the town ISN'T just about steam trains.

    I mean this as no criticism of your elucidation of the state of play in Deptford (far from it), but wonder why it is historians fail to engage even when they have willing students? x


  2. you make a valid point. heritage in aspic, or preserved in situ holds interest only so far. What's possible with what Deptford has to offer is the realisation of heritage opportunities alongside employment opportunities and environmental/ecological and health aspects that are understood to derive from developments that enhance rather than destroy the historic environment.
    this project in France has bolstered the whole economy of the area. There's every reason that Deptford can do the same.