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Wednesday 21 September 2011

Reconnecting Deptford with the Royal Dockyard

Get to know the historic dockyard structures that still exist immediately below the modern concrete surface. View the Great Dock, the slipways, the Great Basin and mast ponds via this National Maritime Museum link. You'll find this link to the scale model of the yard built in 1774 for George III very useful if you are intending to join the archaeology day on October 8th. If you believe that these structures should inform the redevelopment and not remain filled in and buried (preservation in situ' beneath new apartments then you must write to Lewisham Planning Department before September 27th 2011. The majority of these structures are in brick and stone. They are massive and monumental engineering structures not fragile archaeological remains. Similar docks at Chatham have been retained to enhance the setting of the development, create a sense of place and mark the history of the site.



  1. Can you give more info on the archaeology day on 8th October? Apologies if I've missed something :(

  2. Hi Goldcat you will need to contact the organisers below


    The guided archaeological visit will take place on Saturday 8th October between 10.30am to 12noon. Please access the site at the main entrance, where Prince Street meets New King Street. Due to the number of people registered, we are proposing to take round all registered attendees in one group and we anticipate that it will take take approximately 90 minutes.

    hope to see you there.

  3. Indeed there are a Number of Markers of
    Naval Heritage down at Chatham Maritime

    Whilst I am Not the Greatest Fan of Skyscrapers
    Netherless Chatham Maritime has Preserved the
    Basins Well

  4. The Urgency of Preserving the Yard Site
    is Serious to the Promotion of Naval Heritage

    Deptford Town Needs Deptford Yard just like
    Deptford Yard Needs Deptford Town so Forward
    to the Ceremonial Commissioning of HMS
    DEPTFORD Deptford Royal Dockyard Site

    Deptford Navy Days and Deptford Wooden
    Heritage Ship Building and Launching