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Sunday 30 October 2011

All Hands on Deck! Deptford- Centre of Maritime Industries

We have all heard of the Golden Hind. Currently the replica ship is moored further up river at St. Mary Ovaries, another Golden Hind lies in the harbour at Brixham, Devon.

Then there is the Endeavour, Cook's famous ship that left the dockyard's Great Basin in 1768.

We have all heard of the Bounty, famous for the on board mutiny,


but have you heard of the Sultana?

or the Lady Nelson?

All of these ships were originally built or refitted in Deptford.

All of these ships have been rebuilt. What are we waiting for? The time for Deptford to build its own ship is now. Where? Slipway No.5 looked like a good place to start, the repaired dry dock another, the slipways off the basin?
If there are more replica ships with Deptford connections currently riding the oceans I'd be glad to hear about them. Deptford as a centre of maritime industries? Where's the problem?


  1. Good Pictures

    With Deptford Royal Dockyard Site HMS
    Deptford Building New Wooden Ships to Honour
    the Past there can be more Deptford Ship
    to Grace the Waters

  2. Hi,
    I am a student architect in Oxford looking to present an idea for a ship breakers in the Deptford area. I am looking at Deptford Creek as a main site seeing as it once was the heart of the construction of ships, it would be interesting to turn that on its head and deconstruct ships in the same environment, especially given the industrial nature of the surrounding Deptford area. Could you recommend potential sites for this kind of industry? I was keen on the Creek, seeing how it links well to the ships naval history, but I read more on the blog about these other sites of construction.

    Student of Architecture.

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