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Sunday 30 October 2011

Hutchison Whampoa

How the Olympia shed will not

be seen from the river according to Hutchison Whampoa


  1. The Olympia Warehouse is an Integral
    Part of the Deptford Royal Dockyard Site.

    This should be Viewable from the River
    just as it has been since the 1840's.

  2. With Deptford Navy Days the River View in
    Front of the Historic Olympia Warehouse of
    the 1840's will be Graced by a Couple of
    Patrol Vessels of the Royal Navy at the very

    Equally the Sight of Wooden Replica Warships
    being Built and Launched will Add to the
    View from Father Thames

  3. The Olympia Building is a Splendid Part of
    the Naval Heritage and it's View should Not
    be Obscured by Skyscrapers

    This Building with it's Naval Heritage can
    be at the Heart of Deptford Navy Days as
    with the Great Basin

  4. The Whole Deptford Royal Dockyard Site is
    part of the Nation's Heritage.

    Properly given the New Lease of Life Deptford
    Town too will Benefit and the Scenery will
    make a Change from the Sterile Skyscrapers of
    Canary Wharf and the City of London

  5. The Site of Deptford Royal Dockyard is
    Integral to our Naval Heritage.

    A Government which will Bring Deptford
    Royal Dockyard Site back to Life as
    Opposed to being Buried beneath Characterless
    Skyscrapers is Essential