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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

chips with everything

Copy letter from the Master Shipwright at Chatham. Received a petition from John Bissenden and Robert Woodriff, Shipwrights, on behalf of the whole body of shipwrights about their carrying out chips from the Yard on their shoulders. The Commissioner read the Board's warrant of May 1753 when the petition was withdrawn. All the Foremen and Quartermen had the Order read to them and each Quarterman was charged to tell his men separately that the Order required the chips to be carried under their arm. Today, 150 workmen came to the gate without chips, then 20 more came and lowered their chips and were followed by John Miller who refused to lower his chips and the main body of men pushed on with their chips on their shoulders and cheered when they left the yard.

ADM 354/153/40

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